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Friday, December 23, 2016

Review: A Christmas to Remember

Book Review: A Christmas to Remember, by Jenny Hale


Carrie Blake loves her job as a nanny but, while her friends are settling down, all of Carrie’s spare time is spent with other people’s families. Though it breaks her heart, her New Year’s resolution is to embark on a new career and fix her love life.
As Carrie starts her last job, she’s sure she’ll be going out on a high – the house is amazing, the kids are adorable, and she’s in charge of decorating the tree!
The only problem could be her boss… single-dad, Adam Fletcher might be both handsome and successful, but he’s always working. Doesn’t he realise he’s missing out on precious moments with his son and daughter?
As Adam’s family arrive for Christmas including his sensitive sister, Sharon, and his fun-loving elderly Grandpa, Walter, Carrie realises that she might just have found the perfect allies in her quest to persuade Adam to loosen up. There’s still time for Carrie to make this the best Christmas ever… after all, Christmas is the time for miracles, isn’t it? Let the festivities begin!

Genre: contemporary romance

Publishing date: October 2014

Mature content: nothing to report

Review: to be honest, I didn't like this book. It is well written and the plot makes sense, so it gets three stars, but that's it. 

There's too much thought in this book, and too little action in comparison. It vaguely reminds me of the story in The Sound of Music, which I do love, but Carrie comes across as a neurotic with a bad case of anxiety and I couldn't help thinking that I wouldn't want to have her near my own kids. She's anxious because she's starting a new job, she's anxious because her boss is handsome, she's anxious because he looks at her, she's anxious because he doesn't look at her...well, you get the point. 

Adam is trying to do the best for his family, and as a full time working mother of two I sort of sympathize with his problems. But he's more like a secondary character than a main one, because the book is all about Carrie's worries and problems and the poor man doesn't even get a chance to share his own views. 

Also, there was zero chemistry between them, which took some magic out of the happy ending for me.  So this is a book I can't actively recommend.

Happy readings and happy holidays!

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